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YCDTC Progress Award
Level 4, 


This is a more challenging course run infrequently, available to dogs who have achieved an honours pass in either YCDTC Progress Awards Level 3 or Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold courses.


It will include heelwork exercises both on and off lead, send to bed from 20 paces, stop the dog by a marker, distance control, stays, angled recall over a jump, send round the pole and scent (using scent cloths.) We will also teach motivation exercises and tricks


Successful dogs will be presented with a rosette and a certificate following continuous and final week assessments.


Course Overview




  • Heelwork on and off lead
  • Distance control
  • Stays
  • Angled recall over a jump
  • Send round the pole
  • Tricks

Round the pole

Dog agility

Heelwork off lead


Rally Obedience

Cocker spaniel jumping agility