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YCDTC Progress Award
Level 3

This course is available to dogs who have achieved a pass in either YCDTC Progress Awards Level 2 or Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver courses.

This course will be run outside so all dogs must be able to work reliably off lead

For more information contact Sandra or Debbie on

Cost £110 for a nine week course 

Next Level 3 course  April 2024

Level 3 Courses run on  Wednesdays.

Successful dogs will be presented with a rosette and a certificate following continuous and final week assessments.

Course Overview

Cost £110 for nine week course

Contact us for details


  • Stay and come to call (A recall)
  • Relaxed settle
  • Off lead heel work
  • On lead precise heel work
  • Out of sight stays
  • 10m send to bed
  • Scent work
  • Stop the dog
  • Responsibilities of dog ownership
  • Motivational Exercises

Stop the dog

Dog training to stay