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YCDTC Progress Award
Level 1

In this course we introduce reward based modern training methods to our new clients and their dogs. We build ability and confidence, with relevant exercises to help you achieve a well mannered, responsive., happy family dog.   This course incorporates responsibilities and care, loose lead walking, control at the door/gate including calm greeting, sit, wait and come to call, stays, car safety, send to bed, food manners and fun exercises 

Costs £110.00 for a nine week course 

Level 1 courses run on a Wednesday evening 

Successful dogs will be presented with a rosette and a certificate following continuous and final week assessments.


Requirements: from approximately 6 months of age following a puppy foundation course or a brief behavioural assessment.

If you wish to secure a place please contact us now.  ycdtc.debbie@gmail.com  

Course Overview


£110 – nine week course


  • Modern training methods
  • Build confidence
  • Responsibilities and care
  • Loose Lead walking
  • Control at the door/gate
  • Sit, Wait, come to call
  • Send to Bed
  • Car Safety
  • Stays
  • Food manners
  • Fun exercises



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